Your lawyer should be the best at his craft but also someone you can speak with freely and honestly, someone you like. I encourage you to contact me with questions, concerns or suggestions. All clients are given my cell phone and personal email address upon engagement. All initial meetings are free of charge.  It is my hope we become professionally AND personally comfortable with each other so that you get the best service with the least amount of stress for you. 

I believe it is important for you to have at "web speed" professional data, pricing and fee schedules, general proposals, important links and contact information. I also will include unusual cases with which I have had success when many skeptics thought I would not be successful. 

You will find some personal information and photos so that you can get to know me. You should know your lawyer and not just see him or her on his professional turf.  A good, honest, comfortable, two way relationship between client and Lawyer makes for better results.  

 I have been a trial attorney for 30 years with an affinity for representing Fortune 500 companies and hundreds of CT people and families who need legal counsel to represent them in Accident claims, Settlement negotiations, Trials, Hearings, Arbitrations and Mediations...also Claims involving Work injury, Auto injury, Fall down injury, Medical Malpractice, Motorcycle injury, WrongfulDeath Claims, Trucking Accidents, Municipal liability, Subrogation, Fire claims, Contract disputes,Commercial disputes, Insurance policy disputes, claims on the Under and Un-insured elements of Auto policies, and Construction claims in any of Connecticut’s 15 jurisdictions, The Connecticut Supreme Court and U.S. Fed Courts.

Insurance Defense Connecticut, Connecticut Defense Trials, Personal injury, Workers' Compensation, Accident settlements/claims/hearings and Trials is what I love to do. 

You will find all you need to know about me here both professional and personal. If you find you need to contact me for more information use the contact button to send me an email, call or text message.


Very Selective Personal Injury/Accident cases


we recover money for you. (other costs  apply see " Fee Tab" for details)


Full day$1600; half day $950

Insurance defense litigation



1/3 your firm’s hourly rate

General Litigation